AcidTrasH is a global experimental EDM/Noise collective, with members and contributors spanning both sides of the globe. Their musical style can’t be pinned to any one genre, but personal preferences will emerge, often showing a preference towards electronic dance music (EDM) and Noise. Their first performance was on June 21, 2011 for a live stream for electro-music.com.

Techniques are largely based around improvisation, algorithmic generation, and programming. As a general rule, AcidTrasH has shied away from creating songs until recently. From an earlier text:

“The “Magic” happens when immersed in improvisation… therefore, there are No practices, No set songs, only Spontaneous Creation”

Essentially, there were five core members that made the majority of tracks in the first few years:

PHOBoS–  (Netherlands) Builds a variety of electronic noise makers and synthesizers using childrens toys and common household objects. Sometimes simple, sometime complex, always colorful. Remixes material, and provides source samples for other members machines. DJ’s

1:11– (Phoenix) Founder, strong improvisational skills and sound design, but little musical talent. Previous projects include: Over Door Head Traction Ensemble, 75 Million Changs, SaviourSelf, Phobit, and code:11.

Sampling, FX, Noise, Synthesizers/Electronics, Live Manipulation, Mixing, Vocals, Metal Percussion

Mateo Salvaje: (Phoenix) Previous member of 75 Million Changs. Synthesizers, Vocals, Guitar, Melodic Content, Programming

Scott Kasun– (Tucson) Double Masters Degree from Mills College, Berkley CA. Music Professor at PCC in Tucson, AZ.

Prepares/Records Samples, Noise, DIgital Turntable, No-Input Mixer, Live Manipulation, Guitar, Drums, Keys, Studio

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen: (Finland) Music Professor, Composer/writer/visual artist, abstract machines, algorithmic compositions, founder of several netlabels, experimental electronic/noise/breakcore/glitch/idm. All systems designed for both compositional and live playing/improvisations.

8-Bit machines and Game consoles, live coding, programming, sample manipulation

Bunny Trash (aka Bunny Berry) Vocals/ Melodies/Synth Noodles
Bunny joined on as vocalist in 2014, adding some sex appeal to the mix. Drawing from a life of privilege and tragedy, as well as a touch of Tourettes, she improvises melody and lyrics off the top of her head.

David Turner (Melted Cassettes, Fake Snake, Depressive) electronics, synth, vocals, programming
David came in for about 7-8 months, adding some much needed grit to offset the pop stylings Bunny offered.
His productions based here: http://www.crypticpassage.net/

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